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🌊 Automate Yourself
By Open Water Weekly • Issue #30 • View online
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Welcome back to the Open Water Newsletter, I’m the Editor Jacob Peddicord. Today I got the chance to interview Johnny Dallas, the Founder and CEO of Zeet. The company has recently become my favorite host for projects because it’s dead simple and the team provides great support. The company is a reflection of its founder, Johnny, which you’ll see throughout the interview.
If you’re reading to this and have a product you’re trying to host, check out zeet.co or hit up Johnny LQ as on Twitter.

🎙 Johnny Dallas
Johnny’s story starts when he was running operations at Bebo:
 I was still in school and wasn’t around 24/7. With a scaling startup, you need a 24/7 ops team. I realized that the only way we were going to be able to scale me was going to be software. So I wrote some software at Bebo that we called Stark. The software was kind of the early version of Zeet.
Johnny had essentially automated himself so that their systems could auto-scale and recover without him at the keyboard. It also made it so anyone on the team could deploy services. That’s an insane productivity boost.
Bebo went on to get acquired by Amazon. While working there Johnny saw his opportunity:
At the top tech companies, they have all sorts of internal tooling. None of that tooling gets out to everybody else and it’s immensely valuable. We really want to bring that to everybody. 
The tooling wasn’t the only critical piece:
When you’re working at Amazon, you have an entire dev ops team. You have not just some cool software, but really dedicated people to help you fill out any problem.
Zeet’s mission is to bring these capabilities to companies of any size. Along the way, Johnny learned about fundraising, managing, and monetization.
You can read or listen to the full conversation here.
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