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🌊 How To Build a Moonshot

🌊 How To Build a Moonshot
By Open Water Weekly • Issue #32 • View online
Hello and welcome back to the Open Water Newsletter! Today I’m joined by Garret McCurrach who is on a mission to remove the internet’s last barrier: last-mile logistics.
His company, Pipedream, is building networks of underground tubes to deliver packages in under a minute. Sound crazy? It’s the type of innovation that changes everyday life. We talk about how he’s making it happen, as well as advice on building a moonshot of your own.

🎙 Garrett McCurrach
First off, how is Garrett able to work on his dream company? It’s because he’s done years of planning. It started when he was a kid:
I fell in love with this idea that you could make something and then someone liked the thing so much, they gave you money for it. That’s the coolest thing ever. 
Garrett went to college to study Mechanical Engineering and learn how to make things. By the time when he was done he realized he needed more:
The people who create are the people who marry good engineering principles with business. The Jeff Bezos and the Elon Musks of the world actually got to change the world.
So instead of starting an engineering job, he decided to use software to build businesses. When a prosthetics startup eventually offered him a job running Biz Dev he was faced with a challenge. He knew it was a good opportunity to learn, but he also wanted to start his own business one day.
Garret did 3 things to ensure he would build his moonshot:
  1. Set a two-year limit at the company.
  2. Saved money for his personal runway.
  3. Used the time to plan his next two decades.
I thought if I came out of that two years with a really great idea, something I want to spend two decades in, and I had 12 months of personal runway I’d be unstoppable.
It worked! Garrett is now working on accelerating the future he wants. It looks a little something like this:
Our goal is to build the tools and systems necessary so when you need a screwdriver, instead of owning a screwdriver, you say Amazon assistant send me a screwdriver. It’s there in a matter of 30 seconds. You use the screwdriver and instead of owning that screwdriver, you just put it back in it’s magical cupboard and it goes off. 
One, that’s a dope world to live in where you have instant access to everything you can need. Two, if you’re able to move to hyper logistics instead of the world having 8 billion screwdrivers, the world can have two to 3 million screwdrivers because no one is storing them and not using them.
Check out the full interview to see how Garrett’s Pipedream is becoming a reality, and what it means for the future of internet businesses.
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