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🌊 Its About Who You Pitch

🌊 Its About Who You Pitch
By Open Water Weekly • Issue #28 • View online
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My name is Jacob Peddicord and I’m the Editor at Open Water Accelerator. Today we are joined by Taylor Monks, the Co-Founder of BasicBlock. It was a great interview filled with lessons and even a couple of startup ideas.

🎙 Taylor Monks 
My favorite highlights, starting with one about coming up with sales ideas:
We drafted teams kickball style, basically lined everybody up and picked teams. We gave each team a thousand dollars and we basically said, you can’t come back with that thousand dollars on Friday. You have to spend it. When we did that, the goal was to see what worked and what didn’t work.
Taylor had great advice on pitching, first you pitch to the right people:
It’s not necessarily about pitching, but who you’re pitching to. Typical research that I’ll do before I pitches is, is there a company that is similar to us, but not competing to us in a different industry that an investor knows really well. Like Chime, Chime is basically a bank. Their investors know a lot of the downfalls and things in that business and know the value of that type of business, but they aren’t invested in any trucking tech companies . That’s a really great investor to pitch because they know your business just in another vertical.
Then, make sure you tell a story:
Going back to first grade when you learned the plot of a movie, there’s always an intro, rising action, climax, and resolution. Investors want to feel that rollercoaster too. Explaining them this is my story of how I got here and the struggles that I did and the things that we learned along the way as the rising action and the climax is that we have a really great business. The resolution is you should invest in this business.
You should check out the rest here.
💡RFS: Taylor's Ideas
🐇🏫 Task Rabbit for Fraternities and Sororities
Allow people to give tasks to your organization in exchange for donations to a charity. Many college organizations have one or two big events each year. This would let them have even more chances to raise money.
💼🎙 JobCast
Record first round interviews with candidates and let hiring managers listen to them. This skips the repetitive first interview that typically has a standard set of questions. Companies can pay to get connected to candidates.
🖥 Internships
💬 Twilio SWE Intern - “At Twilio, our mission is to power the future of communications. As a Software Engineer Intern (Summer of 2021), you will be working in a rapidly evolving and fast-paced environment.”
🎥 AMC Networks Internship - “We want to be the place that finds the people who are going to change the game for our business. The program is open to students of all majors with a genuine interest and passion to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry.”
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