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🌊 Landing Your Dream Job

🌊 Landing Your Dream Job
By Open Water Weekly • Issue #21 • View online
My name is Jacob Peddicord and I’m the Editor at Open Water Accelerator. Today we have an interview with Alex Marcus the CoFounder at Mento. Mento provides personal coaching, resume building, practice interviews, and more to help you land your dream job. We know a lot of you are thinking about your next move or trying to break into tech and Alex is excited to help!
Alex’s job search tips:
  1. 🏃‍♂️ Identify what’s motivating you.
  2. 🗺 Create a realistic plan.
  3. 🎯 Keep your search narrow and specific.

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Alex Marcus 🗣️ 
What is Mento?
Mento is a platform to help you find the job you actually want. We set you up with a personalized team of experts to support you through every step of your job search with 1-on-1 coaching, resume and LinkedIn building, practice interviews, community workshops, access to employers, and finally, offer letter negotiation. 
Job searching sucks, and too many people struggle through it alone. Our goal is to fix that and enable professionals to find fulfilling jobs faster. 
What is your ultimate vision for Mento?
Job search is just the beginning. Mento is your career-long career care platform to help you make the most of your career, whatever your goals might be. 
Most professionals are not equipped to make pivotal decisions in the workplace…who do you ask to better understand your equity and benefits? Are you being underpaid? How do you best manage your team (and your superiors!)? How do you navigate onboarding to a remote company? How do you handle workplace conflict?!? 
People deserve qualified, knowledgeable support when they need it most, and on the day-to-day. With the right combination of real human support, and technology, Mento will give people the knowledge and data they need to be better professionals. 
How specifically does Mento help people with Job Search?
It’s fairly straightforward. 
You partner with a career coach to pinpoint your talents, passions, goals and motivations. Meanwhile, your team of creative writers and former recruiters will take your learnings and experience, and use them to write your resume, elevator pitch, and update your LinkedIn for your approval…yea…we do that for you!
After that is finished, you will continue to work with your coach and our community on your job search. Depending on what you need, we have a bunch of resources available to you like practice interviewing, employer partnerships, community workshops and events. 
What has your journey with Mento looked like so far and what do your next six months look like?
Similar to most people and companies, it has been a rollercoaster of a year for us! We first started the company pre-covid with the intention of focusing on helping people evaluate and negotiate their offer letters. But, once the layoffs started happening, it was clear that people didn’t need help negotiating, they just needed help finding jobs and navigating job search. We were lucky to find investors who believed in that mission too. 
Looking forward, we are totally focused on building and perfecting a platform that helps professionals find jobs faster. We have an incredible team committed to making that happen. 
How did you get your first 100 customers?
A lot of people’s jobs were impacted by covid and we provided people free support in exchange for their help testing and refining our platform. We have also partnered with coding bootcamps to help their graduates with finding jobs in tech. 
Having said that, the new platform we just released includes a bunch of new products and features that have been in the works for months. We are super excited to get them in the hands of job searchers! 
What is the most common mistake you see your users making?
Rushing into their job search without a plan or goal. Job searching is not about heading to your favorite job board and applying to as many jobs as you can. It’s not a numbers game. 
It is certainly intimidating at first, but job search is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to change the trajectory of your career (and perhaps your life!). Take the time to identify what motivates you, and create a realistic plan. Once you have that in place, you can be much more intentional about identifying roles, networking with relevant people, and being prepared to crush your interview once you get your foot in the door. 
To sign up for Mento’s beta job search program, or learn more, check them out at! 
💡mint for security
Everyone now has a million online accounts, accessed with different passwords, devices, and levels of security. Password managers let you track individual logins well, but they don’t give you the best view of your overall online presence.
An ideal product here would allow me to view all of my accounts and the dependencies between them. Where am I using my Google account vs. registering for an account via email? The system would determine which accounts I’ve enabled, what type of multifactor authentication (SMS, authenticator app) I’ve used, and which websites I’ve given my phone number or mailing address to. It would be something like Mint for Security.
Since security is often about the weakest link, having visibility seems like the next step beyond password management. I’m not sure mass consumers are ready to pay for this just yet, but we’re headed in that direction.
internships 🖥️ 
🤖 Twitch | Engineering Intern | “You’ll own a project from start to finish and a dedicated Mentor, Manager, and Advisor will be beside you every step of the way. You’ll also participate in leadership development curriculum and gain industry knowledge from top Twitch executives in fireside chats.”
🏦 BMO Capital Markets | IB Summer Analyst | “As a summer analyst you will work as members of a variety of client and transaction teams. The objective of this program is to identify exceptional candidates for full-time Analyst positions at BMO Capital Markets upon graduation.”
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