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🌊 Maximizing Users' Growth > User Growth
By Open Water Weekly • Issue #34 • View online
“What’s more important for us today is to maximize the number of people that know how to use Bubble… because we’ll have a compound effect” - Emmanuel Straschnov, Cofounder of Bubble
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Nine years ago, Emmanuel Straschnov began to build one of the earliest no-code products to hit the market: Bubble.
While no-code is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in technology today, Emmanuel was met with heavy skepticism nine years ago–and still has some skeptics today.
But, Emmanuel believes that, while “it’s a harder problem to solve, if we solve it right, then we’re changing software forever.”
How? Find out below 👇

🎙 Emmanuel Straschnov, Cofounder of Bubble
🎧 Prefer to listen? Check out Emmanuel’s full interview
Emmanuel started Bubble nine years ago with a vision of empowering non-technical founders to build their product without engineers. Not “projects,” but real businesses with real products:
I want someone to build [the next] Airbnb, and people don’t know it’s built on no-code. It’s a harder problem to solve, but if we solve it right, then we’re changing software forever. 
But changing software forever doesn’t mean replacing developers with no-code, according to Emmanuel. What no-code does mean is that it frees up developers to focus on more important problems:
The biggest impact of a company like ours is that we’re finally going to free the time of expensive coders so that they can work on more important things.
I would argue that every SaaS company out there has an engineer putting together a login system–it’s a waste of resources for the world… I’d rather have these people write code for actual problems.
Convincing potential clients and future founders that a no-code solution like Bubble can power their business has been, and still is, an uphill battle.
But a combination of patience, nine years of development, and a growing number of success stories, Emmanuel sees the tide turning:
You don’t want to go to market too soon, where your product is not fully-baked, because you’re going to have to fight the skepticism. And when people say, “Well, okay, can [your product] do this?” And you say, “No,” you’re going to reinforce the skepticism. 
So we had to wait for the product to be powerful enough that we could say, “Actually, yeah, you want to do that? Yes, we can.” And that took us some time, [but] as soon as we had that realization that now we were mostly saying yes when people would ask questions, we were like, okay, now we’re ready to grow faster.
“Grow faster” doesn’t necessarily mean just user growth to the Bubble team. For Emmanuel, he believes “users’ growth” and education of the product is a much more compounding effect than mere user count growth:
[We’re working to put] educational efforts in place so that more people understand how Bubble is different from other no-code tools. [Because] making sure we can keep up with not just our growth, but also the growth of our users, have a compound effect here.
…What’s more important for us today is maximizing the number of people that know how to use Bubble. And so if they know how to use Bubble, and then end up creating an app, and then pay for the main product, and they’ll buy plugins, [and so on].
Through a deep focus on user education and user experience, Bubble has built a platform that is powering businesses that likely wouldn’t have existed without them.
The value we’re creating for our users was very obvious because they kept telling us–I mean, we knew–that without us, their businesses would not be existing And that was for us a very important source of satisfaction and that’s what kept us going.
And providing this level of value for Bubble’s customers has provided Emmanuel with a personal sense of value and satisfaction:
I think no-code is one of the most exciting things we can work on today, and… my hope for no-code is that five years from now, we don’t talk about no-code. I just hope this is the way to build things, and so working on something as fundamental as Bubble is very exciting.
🤔 What we learned…
Emmanuel and Bubble’s nine-year focus on user education and user experience is one of the primary factors in the platform’s growth.
While marketing and funding hype certainly helped drive user growth, Bubble’s investments in user education (“users’ growth”) has compounded to drive Bubble’s user growth and retention–leading to some of Bubble’s incredible client success stories
Takeaway: “Users’ Growth” leads toUser Growth.”
🎧 Check out Emmanuel’s full interview transcript here to hear how Bubble is powering multi-billion dollar businesses to startups acquiring serious funding (13 min).
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